Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide each child with a culturally appropriate environment, moral values, love and protection needed for a healthy growth of body, mind and spirit. SHIKSHA International Play School provide a stimulating environment along with scientifically based curriculum to nurture the roots and lay a strong foundation to prepare every child to achieve success in all phases of life. We at SHIKSHA International Play School, strive to Provide continuous stimulation for dynamic and holistic development of children.
Support and contribute in the social cause of facilitating the development process of grooming young minds by upholding every child's right to education with a strong belief in inclusive education.
Create an environment for the smooth transition of a child from an informal homely surrounding to a formal learning atmosphere.
Work in partnership with parents in the challenging and rewarding journey on the various aspects of childhood and parenting.

Inculcating Technology…

Catering to the educational sector by following a chain of glorious hardworking years, SHIKSHA International Play School has successfully hoisted the green flags in connecting technology to preschool education and introducing the idea of edutainment in the classroom curriculum.

Instilling Holistic Values…

We, as the education guardians of our country, are resolved towards our duty to nurture the little tots with an exact recipe of an emotional, social, value-based, cognitive, and intellectual blend of learning. We are developing a child to withstand the competitive spirit.

Shaping Childhood…

According to our mentors, childhood is the most crucial age in the life of a human being and it shapes as per the strokes. It depends on the personal end to stroke the childhood in a correct manner for giving it a concrete shape to enlighten the future of the tiny tots.
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